Maintaining a positive attitude is essential in developing a positive body image.

Perfectionism is often confused with high standards. High standards make you productive and improve your self-esteem. However, perfectionism is about setting unreasonable and unattainable standards for yourself. When you have perfectionism, you continue to strive to achieve a body without any flaws and end up dissatisfied with your efforts. This leads to self-blame. The solution is: set realistic goals

Comparisons will lead to unhappiness. Social comparison, the popularity of social media and access to information has normalised the dieting culture. Studies show that people who tend to follow fitness ideas in social media often engage in unscientific weight management.

Being judgemental and critical about yourself doesn’t help you to develop a positive attitude. Your perception of your body is the reflection of your mind. Dig deep into yourself and listen to the inner critical voice when you think about your body.

Let’s stop judging others and stop judging ourselves. Let’s build a positive attitude.

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