If you find that affirmations like “you are beautiful too” do not alter the thoughts about your body, you are not alone. These words are often masked as a consolation followed by a conversation about your flaws and insecurities. Eventually, when people say “you are beautiful too”, it is a reinforcement for many deep-seated insecurities.

Even though body image is formed through social learning, negative body image is all about you and what you think about yourself. So statements of consolation bear meanings like ‘You HAVE to love yourself’ or ‘You SHOULD love yourself’ can be discouraging and toxic to some people. It’s like being told to feel about your body in a particular way by disregarding your emotions, thoughts and past experiences. Not all affirmations that tell you to love your body promote body positivity if you find them toxic stay away from them.

We are not bound to our appearances. Feel positive about how you take care of your body. Your body is not just a representation of your genetics or health. Your body is a vehicle of self-expression! Go, get a tattoo, use that red lipstick and wear that short skirt if you want to. Find what works for you and do what makes you feel good.

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