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Helping you to learn the skills to live your life with more meaning and purpose.

Mili is a distinguished Counseling Psychologist from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. She has been offering her expertise in counseling and psychotherapy globally since 2011. With a compassionate approach, Mili assists individuals in navigating emotional challenges and imparts crucial psychological skills for a meaningful life. As a skilled practitioner of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mili integrates mindfulness techniques, empowering her clients to align their actions with their values and cultivate psychological resilience. Embracing the digital era, she now conducts her therapy sessions online, providing flexibility and accessibility to her clients, enabling them to connect with her anytime, from any corner of the world.

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You are allowed to take a break from work, relationship, and your routine. Prioritising self care doesn't make you unproductive, lazy or selfish.

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Our Specialisation


Counseling for new moms

Assisting new moms to adapt to life changes after having a baby and provide lactation counseling.


Confidence building skills training

Learn how to manage your insecurities that are holding you back from doing the things that matter to you


Assertiveness training

To help people understand their needs, express them effectively and maintain positive relationships.


Self-regulation coaching

To help people manage unpleasant emotions like anger, guilt, grief, and shame by choosing healthy coping mechanisms.


Unlearning the hate for your body

Help people learn self-acceptance to deal with body dissatisfaction and counseling to handle body shaming.


Counseling for emotional eating

To help people break the bonds of stress, emotional eating and bingeing.


Relationship Counselling

Fall back in love again. Improve the friendship and intimacy in your relationship by learning to create a shared meaning and rituals of connection unique to you as a couple.


Couple Therapy for conflict communication

Improve Conflict Communication. With couple therapy, understand the perpetual conflicts in your relationship and learn the skills to navigate through them without escalating it


Premarital counseling

Support women and prepare them to get married by teaching necessary communication and conflict management skills to improve overall relationship satisfaction


Parenting Consultation

Address the difficulties you experience during the journey of parenthood

You Don't Need a Label To Heal Yourself

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Online Therapy Sessions Available for Clients Across the Globe​!


What Clients Are Saying

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"I'm an entrepreneur and Mili has been a wonderful part of my life for a few months now. The way she helps me see my emotions, and enables me to be emotionally more intelligent has been life-changing. And this has improved my quality of life in the workplace and home to a great extent as well. She was recommended to me by one of my friends, and I'm happy that I met her. Keep rocking, Mili!"

Sonia Jose Gomez

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"I got her contact details from I-Call of Tata Institute. It was beyond words to explain what was in my mind .She patiently listened to all my words and gave tasks to do.I felt refreshed after the first session. After completing the second session I achieved confidence and patience. In this crucial time she is helping me a lot.❤️"


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"I feel heard with Mili ma'am. She is very systematic and her professionalism is very admirable. Booking an appointment with her is bliss. She is understanding, patient, and actually listens!!, With her it's a safe space for you to discuss all ur problems with zero judgements. Rather than giving instructions /or advices, she'll make you feel comfortable, help look deep into yourself and guide in rebuilding the connect & trust we had lost with ourselves somewhere along the way. She will help you in understanding you!"

Angie Kurian

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"Mili M Das is a superwoman! I am a professional badminton player and she's been mentoring me for a year now. With her help I have toughened my mind strength. Now I view the game on a completely different dimension and this change in perspective has led me to become a better sportsperson altogether. You can count on her : no matter where you are taking the classes. Cheers 🙌🏼"




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