Positive psychology fascinated me because of its focus on “good life” and the positive aspects of human experience. We are conditioned to believe that being happy is the best thing that could happen in our life. To achieve this, we all set conditions in life, which when fulfilled would give us happiness, or at least that is what we believe. Over time, we realise that the conditions never cease to exist. We will always want something in our life that would make us happier than our current self.

This realisation was a big moment for me. The moment of accomplishment was fleeting to me, which I didn’t expect. And when the moment was over, I asked myself- Is that all?

We underestimate the process of savouring. Reliving the positive experiences and living in the moment will help us to stop chasing happiness. When we start engaging in simple activities we find that those things could give us a sense of fulfilment. When we stop thinking about what would make us happy tomorrow, we set ourselves free from the pressure of constantly needing to be happy.

We need both- momentary joy as well as a sense of meaning and purpose. A good balance of these two is something we all are looking for.

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