bowl of chicken breast, avocado and quinoa

4 Steps To Improve Your Relationship With Food

bowl of chicken breast, avocado and quinoa

The first step is to connect with your body. Eating is a way of nourishing your body; giving it back to what it helps us to do and to be. It is about learning to respond to the hunger cues. Why did you stop listening to this? The journey starts from there.

Second step is to develop workable self soothing skills by not using food as a distraction. Acknowledging, processing and understanding your emotions prevents you from using food to deal with emotions.

Third step is to set boundaries when it comes to the environment where you eat. No distractions lead to a mindful eating routine. This will make sure that all your senses are engaged in the eating thereby connecting with your body.

Fourth step is to accept that it is okay to indulge in certain foods if it gives you pleasure. Despite labelling it as ‘unhealthy’ you crave for it, eat it and end up being guilty. Give yourself permission to eat what you want to eat. Autonomy helps you to understand that you don’t need to ‘earn’ it.

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