Body Image Issues During Lockdown

It is an undeniable truth that the coronavirus has changed our world dramatically. Today, we are in survival mode. However, these circumstances also led to a new trend in the fitness industry which may have an impact on people struggling with body image issues. .

Nowadays, social media platforms are flooded with fitness challenges. As the lockdown began, there has been a steep increase in posts related to fitness, exercises, and healthy eating. You could also find a vast amount of posts containing positive affirmations like “Use your time wisely to shed those extra pounds” and images like ” Before and after lockdown body”.

This could lead to the belief that working out and worrying about your body is the top concern during the lockdown. Unfortunately, this has a huge impact on people who are already struggling with negative body image. People with body image issues worry that everyone around them is using this time to take care of themselves but not them. This leads to a constant comparison of their bodies with those fitness influencers which will eventually deteriorate their self-esteem.

With low self-esteem, you evaluate your body based on the comments of others. Thereby making your relationship with your body a conditional one. ‘If everybody likes my body, I will like it too!’ A positive attitude and self-acceptance is crucial in handling negative comments about your body by others or by you. A positive attitude based on self-love and compassion will help you take these comments as just another perspective.

Emotional stability also plays a pivotal role in dealing with body image issues. It helps you not to give in to those negative comments and criticisms about your body. As a result, your feelings will no longer be bound to the opinions about your body. Additionally, emotional stability helps you to stay away from unhealthy coping mechanisms like emotional eating.

Separating yourself from the unpleasant feelings you have towards your body and observing those feelings will help you to begin a wonderful relationship with your body and yourself. Also, understanding the triggers and disconnecting yourself from those triggers is equally important. Acceptance is the easiest way to deal with body dissatisfaction. The priority should be to have a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. If you think you cannot manage the negative feelings by yourself, please don’t hesitate to consult a professional.

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